New Patients

New visit checklist

Parent identification

Driver's license or passport

Insurance information card

You can fax or mail to us before the visit.

Vaccination record and a copy of your child's medical record

If you do not have a copy, please download the medical record release form and fax or mail it to your child's previous physician. Please allow ample time for the copies to arrive.

Completed office forms

Please download the patient forms. Complete them at home and bring them to the office. This way, you can minimize the waiting time.

Vaccination information

If your child requires any vaccinations as part of the visit, please read the information sheet for those vaccines


Fill out your forms in advance and have your insurance information and records sent to the office early. You'll save time at the office.

Schedule appointments in the morning to avoid the after-school rush.

Short on time? Schedule the first appointment of the morning or afternoon.